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Guided Multipitch Climbing

Reaching new heights

Join a local queer guide on a multipitch route and enjoy the best views around!

Multipitch routes are too tall to climb in a single rope length, so climbers use different strategies to incrementally ascend the rock. 

Our guided multipitch climbing days are completely customized to your goals, fitness, and experience; they're also an opportunity to learn new skills and take your own adventures to the next level.

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Details and Scheduling

Guided multipitch climbing days are private trips, with a maximum of 2 participants per trip. Pricing may vary based on location. 

General Information


To schedule a trip on your desired date, visit our “Hire a Guide” portal and choose a location to see availability. 

Learning Outcomes

Your custom trip can include as much or as little learning as you want! ​Your guide will work with you to provide opportunities to learn or practice new skills, which may include: 

  • How to plan a route and interpret resources such as guidebooks

  • How to pack for a day of multipitch climbing

  • Building and breaking down multipitch anchors

  • Rope management and efficiency during transitions at anchors

  • Rappelling with an extension and a third hand backup

  • Navigation strategies and tools

Special Dates and Locations

On certain dates, we offer guided multipitch climbing at a discounted rate. These special dates are predetermined every season, and are listed alongside our open enrollment clinics. 


Joshua Tree, CA 

  • February 19

  • February 25 (Sold out!)


  • Knows how to tie into the rope for climbing

  • Can independently perform safety checks before climbing

  • Capable of comfortably climbing 5.8 while on a top rope

  • Proficient top rope belayer with tube style (ATC) or assisted braking (GriGri) devices

  • Feels prepared to spend time at heights far from the ground

  • Lead belaying experience and rappelling experience are optional, but preferred

Questions, comments or concerns? 


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