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Intro to Climbing

The Basics of Outdoor Top Rope

Learn to climb outside!

This intro level course is meant for first time climbers or new gym climbers who want to try climbing on real rock.  

Top-roping refers to climbing where your rope is anchored above you at the top of the climb. This one-day course aims to teach you all the basics of to-proping outdoors - whether you’ve never tied into a climbing rope before or are seeking to gain greater understanding of outdoor top rope systems before joining friends and meetups outside.

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Sliding Scale Tuition

$75 - Solidarity Rate

$120 - Full Cost

$165 - Redistribution Rate


Not sure which level to pay? Check out this info sheet! 

Learning Outcomes

During this course we will teach topics including:

  • Belay device types and their proper orientation 

  • Tying into the rope as a climber

  • Belaying and lowering

  • Communications, commands, and safety checks

  • Basic climbing movement and terrain assessment 

  • Crag (climbing area) etiquette and considerations for yourself and other climbers


At the end of the day, we hope participants will have a familiarity of all elements of an already set up top rope and feel comfortable with assessing theirs and others’ safety systems.

Dates and Locations

Snoqualmie, WA (QTBIPOC Program ↗)

  • July 20

Mt Erie, WA

  • August 10




Open to all levels! 

All gear included! 


This course does not cover setting up or cleaning top rope anchor systems. To learn these skills, consider taking our full day “Gym2Crag - Anchors, Cleaning and Rappelling” course. Bundle both courses during a weekend and receive a $25 discount on your registration!

Questions, comments or concerns? 


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