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Current Open Scholarship Applications

Commitment to Equitable Access to the Outdoors

We believe that the outdoors is for everyone, but there have been countless barriers that have made it feel inaccessible, unsafe and expensive. We also recognize the particular challenges faced by queer people with intersecting identities who experience additional adversity. 


We hope that by offering these scholarships we will diminish the financial burden to attend our courses, giving folks the opportunity to learn new skills or deepen the knowledge they have already acquired.

Summer 2023 Washington Courses:

Thanks to the generosity of Arcteryx Seattle, 2023 OUT in the Wild Education courses in Washington are being subsidized, allowing us to offer courses on a sliding scale, beginning at just $50. To ensure our courses are accessible to the community as possible, full scholarships are available if the $50 solidarity rate on our sliding scale is still too cost prohibitive.


🌟 If you cannot afford the lowest tier ticket price of $50, please fill out this scholarship form. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis. You will receive a decision on your application within 7 days of submitting this form. 

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