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Inclusion & Intersectionality

It is through our intersectionality that we become a stronger community and collective voice. 


We accept everyone at OUT in the Wild regardless of race, class, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation or physical/mental disabilities. While many of our technical programs are specifically designed to be LGBTQIA2S+ affinity spaces, many of our community events are open to all. We do not question anyone’s queer identity or stand to gatekeep any individual’s interest in our programs. We cherish the intersectionality of the greater LGTBTQIA2S+ community. We believe all lived experience is valid.



We believe all people deserve access to our programs and work tirelessly to provide equitable access through scholarships, volunteer opportunities, gear lending and our mentee guide program. 


We recognize the barriers that have existed for generations for members of marginalized communities including BIPOC, LGBTQIA2S+, Differently Abled and Financially Insecure individuals and families. We recognize that these barriers have also been present for those who work for, volunteer with, and manage OUT in the Wild. We are committed to providing equitable pricing for participants while providing sustainable and equitable pay and compensation for our guides and leadership team. We are committed to sharing equitable resources with our volunteers and only accept volunteer work from individuals who express their desire to participate under the agreed upon arrangements.   

Community Over Competition

We believe the liberation of all people rests in the hands of collective activism and community. 


OUT in the Wild believes that community collaboration is extremely important to the success of all marginalized communities. We do not engage in competitive practices with other organizations, groups, or individuals who work with marginalized communities or within the greater outdoor industry. When available, our resources, advice, expertise and experience are always available to those seeking mutually beneficial relationships with OITW. We do not engage with organizations who actively invalidate, offend or aggressively compete with our organization. 

Risk Management

The physical and emotional safety of our participants is our highest priority and we are committed to continuing to develop and perfect our risk management practices to meet the needs of our community. 


It is of the utmost importance for our participants to feel comfortable stepping into any and all physical, mental or emotional risk during our programs. Our leadership team and guides are all trained to manage the inherent risks that are present in outdoor activities, including trainings in Social/Emotional skills using the Community Resiliency Model. All of our guides are certified Wilderness First Responders and have significant experience guiding outdoor programs. Our participant’s physical safety is imperative to the success of our programming and while we cannot guarantee absolute protection from physical harm, we are dedicated to minimizing risks as best we can.


Personal Growth

From the curriculum of our outdoor programs to the management of our leadership and guide team, we prioritize the personal growth of each and every person involved with OUT in the Wild.


Our commitment to personal growth weaves its way through all aspects of our programming. Our programs are designed to meet participants where they are at and we create a curriculum that allows for learning and growing in all ways. We have created a feedback structure and culture amongst guides and the leadership team that promotes personal and professional growth while building trust and connection. Our Mentee Guide Program promotes professional development for aspiring queer guides and gives them the opportunity to learn and grow as a queer leader. 


Brave Spaces

While we cannot provide a 100% “safe” space for our participants, we are able to create a container where participants can step into their own bravery and try new things, learn new skills, have the grace to make mistakes and be open to feedback.


Each and every event OUT in the Wild facilitates is built around what we call a “Brave Space”. This “Brave Space” is an important part of our commitment to inclusion and personal growth. A brave Space is one that allows participants to step into a container where participants can step into their own bravery and try new things, learn new skills, have the grace to make mistakes and be open to feedback. While we have a zero tolerance policy for language and behaviors that explicitly hurt, offend, invalidate, oppress or discriminate against any of our participants, we hope these “Brave Spaces” create a culture of growth and open-mindedness. 

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