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Queer Affinity Rock Climbing Programs

Our climbing programs provide a brave space for participants to learn the technical skills needed to feel comfortable and confident climbing in the outdoors.

We offer our climbing programs in multiple locations including Smith Rock, Mt Erie, Joshua Tree and Eastern Sierra. Our experienced guides are there to help you every step of the way, from the basics to more advanced skills.


Get ready to explore and get OUT in the Wild!

Our Locations

Choose a location below to see our current programs!

Our Education Programs

Intro to Climbing

Basics of Outdoor Top Rope

Intro to Sport Climbing

Basics of Outdoor Lead Climbing

Multi-Pitch Weekend

Learn to Multipitch Climb

Self Rescue

Skills for Self-sufficiency Climbing Outdoors


Anchors, Cleaning & Rappelling

Intro to Crack Climbing

Basics of Crack Technique

Trad Gear & Anchors

Intro to Trad Climbing Protection

Intro to Big Walls

Advanced Course on Big Wall Techniques

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