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OUT in the Wild provides community based programs that teach outdoor technical skills in an inclusive and equitable environment. Many people feel intimidated by the outdoors for many reasons. Often this is because they don’t feel welcome because of historical exclusion, or because they don’t feel confident and comfortable in their skills to succeed. Additionally, many haven’t had access to the knowledge and skill set in the first place. OUT in the Wild hopes to fill in the gaps in the outdoor industry. Through our programs we hope to create more visibility for members of underrepresented communities, particularly the LGBTQIA2S+ community.​

OUT in the Wild believes that all people deserve access to the outdoors and the skills to thrive outside. We recognize that in order to provide access to our programs we need to offer them equitably. Our programs are all priced on a sliding scale and we offer scholarships to folx who need financial assistance. Our merch sales help to offset the cost of our courses in order to equitably provide a stable income for our guides. We believe that through our programs and business practices, we are creating a new model for outdoor programs, one that is equitable, inclusive and financially sustainable.

Giving Back

We host community based events geared towards bringing the LGBTQIA2S+ community together and introducing newcomers to various outdoor activities. These programs are meant to inspire and create a sense of belonging for our community. We hope these events can be safe spaces to walk into and meet new people while learning something new. Additionally, we hope to curate a space for experienced outdoor athletes to share their stories and inspire others to get involved. Eventually, we hope participants in all our programs and events will feel able to be open and OUT in the Wild.

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