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OUT in the Wild's affinity outdoor programs are meant to inspire and educate the LGBTQIA2S+ community and instill confidence so folks can feel comfortable in outdoor spaces! Our programs range from single day to multi-day programs. 

What is an Affinity Space? 

An affinity space is a place where learning happens amongst a group of individuals who affiliate themselves based on shared identity, values, interests and goals. Our affinity programs are meant to be a space for LGBTQIA2S+ folks to come together and learn while creating connections and building community. 

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We offer a variety of multi-day, community centered events that are designed to bring the greater LGBTQIA2S+ community together in the outdoors. 

Rock Climbing Programs

Our Climbing Programs are geared to all levels of experience! We offer everything from intro to climbing courses to more advanced climbing techniques like crack climbing and multi-pitch. 

Backpackers standing on a scenic lookout

Hiking and Backpacking Programs

Have you always wanted to learn how to go on an overnight backpacking trip? Or perhaps you've wanted to go out into the wilderness with folks to make new connections and find others like yourself? Our backpacking and hiking programs are for all levels!

River and Lake Programs

Our river and lake excursions are fun and exciting! We offer everything from mellow kayak and SUP trips on Central Oregon's  beautiful lakes and rivers as well as exciting single day and multi-day river trips. No experience is necessary for our River and Lake Trips! 

Trekking in Snow

Snow/Winter Programs

Our Winter programs include snowshoeing and nordic skiing. These trips range from beginner to intermediate and are a great way to stay active during the colder months! 

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