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OUT in the Wild's mission is to make the Outdoors more inclusive for the LGBTQIA2S+ community and help folks build the confidence and skills to get after their goals and adventure! 

Our work has been largely dependent on the volunteer work of our founder, Patrick, and the amazing team of 7 we have built over the years.


We want this company to be sustainable and pay our employees and guides equitably for their expertise, resilience and the bravery they had to navigate the outdoors prior to programs like ours. We believe developing a for profit model is the best way to achieve this goal, instead of navigating the non-profit industrial complex. We are so close to our programs being profitable and sustainable, but we are still seeking community support to uplift our hard work and dedication so we can continue to do this work for years to come.  

You can support us in so many ways! Spread the word about our programs, talk about the importance of valuing these programs, send this webpage to your family and friends who may want to support us as well! Anything helps! 

You can also Donate on the form below ...

How To Support Our Work



You can use the Donation form below  for donations of $1000 or or less. If you'd like to contribute more, please email



We are seeking business partners to help us grow and expand. We are a small team of guides and we could use some assistance with business management and financing.

If you are interested, email

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All sales from our merch help support our programs in general. 

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Thank you for helping us make a difference!

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