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Carlin Reynolds

Guide & Technical Director

CERTIFICATIONS:  AMGA Certified Single Pitch Instructor, AMGA Assistant Rock Guide, Wilderness First Responder

HOMETOWN:  Skillman, NJ

CURRENT LOCATION: Joshua Tree & Eastern Sierra


FAVORITE CLIMBING STYLE: Finger cracks, dihedrals, and technical climbing

FAVORITE TOPIC TO TEACH: Nerd stuff: anchors, rope work, physics

WHY DO YOU CLIMB?: To find out what’s possible - experiencing the limits of physics, the natural world, and the mind - while helping others do the same.

WHAT'S YOUR GO-TO CRAG SNACK: Dried mangos, salty flavors of Clif Bloks, and peanut butter filled pretzels.

WHAT'S THE LAST THING YOU FORGOT WHILE PACKING FOR A TRIP?: I brought the tent fly instead of the tent itself, exposing us to mosquitos for two nights of bikepacking near Lake Tahoe.


Carlin began climbing as soon as they were left unsupervised in central New Jersey, where there are trees instead of rocks. In college they discovered “real” climbing with their school’s competitive team. Soon they were elected captain, ranking among the top 25 collegiate boulderers in 2018. Over the years their climbing career has brought them to the golden Mojave desert and the sweeping granite faces of the Sierra Nevada.


Their passion is teaching, whether that's technical subjects or helping someone overcome fear on their first rappel. They are an Assistant Rock Guide, certified Single Pitch Instructor, Wilderness First Responder, and Leave No Trace Trainer. They also hold a B.S. and M.S. from Northeastern University in Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science. You can find Carlin in the cheese aisle of the grocery store, or on Instagram at @carlin.trustme.

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