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Intro to Sport Climbing

The basics of outdoor lead climbing

Learn how to lead climb outside on real rock! 

Take the next step to advance your outdoor climbing! Learning to lead is a great way to challenge yourself, open new opportunities to climb in terrain where anchors are only accessed via leading, and introducing a new dimension to your outdoor climbing. 

This one-day course teaches the basics to get sport leading outside, whether you just learned to top rope or have been climbing for some time. Lead climbing involves bringing your rope up with you as you climb higher up the rock, clipping your rope into protection as you go. In Sport Climbing, you will clip your rope into pre-fixed hardware in the rock (bolts) using quickdraws.



Sliding Scale Tuition

$85 - Solidarity Rate

$135 - Full Cost

$185 - Redistribution Rate


Not sure which level to pay? Check out this info sheet! 

Learning Outcomes

During this course we will teach topics including:

  • Introduction to necessary gear for sport leading and its care

  • Belay device types and their distinctions between a lead and top rope belay application

  • Communications, commands, and safety checks

  • Basic lead climbing movement and terrain assessment

  • Proper quickdraw clipping techniques and stances 

  • Mock leading (practicing clipping and lead movement with the security of a top rope belay)

  • Setting up anchor top-rope anchors after leading a climbing route

  • Introduces principles for cleaning anchors, time allowing 

Dates and Locations

Check back soon!


  • Knows how to tie into the rope for climbing

  • Can independently perform safety checks before climbing

  • Capable of comfortably climbing 5.8 while on a top rope.

  • Proficient top rope belayer with tube style (ATC) or assisted braking (GriGri) devices.



This course does not cover rappelling, and only briefly introduces anchor cleaning. To learn these skills, consider taking our full day “Gym2Crag - Anchors, Cleaning and Rappelling” course. Bundle both courses during a weekend and receive a $25 discount on your registration!

Questions, comments or concerns? 


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