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Intro to Trad

Traditional gear, anchors, and leading

Learn how to use trad gear!

Interested in trad climbing but don’t know where to start? This clinic is for you.

Over the course of two days, you will learn about all different kinds of rock protection (cams, nuts, hexes, and more), when and where to place them, how to evaluate the safety of pieces you place, techniques for leading efficiently, and the principles of building a safe trad gear anchor. You’ll also get to practice placing gear while climbing and get personalized, real-time feedback in a supportive environment.



Sliding Scale Tuition

$175 - Solidarity Rate

$275 - Full Cost

$375 - Redistribution Rate


Not sure which level to pay? Check out this info sheet! 

Learning Outcomes

During this course we will teach topics including: 

  • Tying basic and intermediate knots, and their uses

  • History of rock protection 

  • Physics, selection, and proper use of equipment, including: 

    • Soft goods of all material types (cords, slings, and ropes)

    • Carabiners and other hard goods

    • Trad gear (cams, nuts, hexes, and more)

    • Natural features (such as rocks and vegetation)

  • Building and evaluating climbing anchors using trad gear

    • Considerations for different purposes, including top roping and multipitch climbing

  • Leading trad routes under supervision with a top rope backup

  • Strategies for practicing trad climbing on your own and finding mentorship


This course does not explicitly cover building anchors on bolts or evaluating fixed hardware, but if time allows, those topics may be reviewed.

Dates and Locations

Index, WA (QTBIPOC Program ↗)

  • July 12 (evening) - July 13 (full day)


  • Knows how to tie into the rope for climbing

  • Can independently perform safety checks before climbing

  • Capable of comfortably climbing 5.9 while on a top rope

  • Proficient top rope belayer with tube style (ATC) or assisted braking (GriGri) devices

  • This clinic is best suited for folks who have lead climbing and lead belaying experience (either indoors or outdoors)

Questions, comments or concerns? 


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