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Self Rescue

Fundamental skills for self-sufficiency

Learn how to fix sticky situations!

Self rescue refers to skills that climbing partners use to help each other and themselves if something goes wrong. 

Whether you're a top rope hero or venturing into multipitch terrain, rescue skills are essential to being safer and more self-sufficient in the outdoors. This clinic covers self-rescue using common equipment climbers carry on a day out. We'll work hands-on to address the most common rescue scenarios, using skills like ascending a rope, assisting a stuck climber from above and below, escaping the belay, rappel techniques, and more.



Sliding Scale Tuition

$95 - Solidarity Rate

$150 - Full Cost

$205 - Redistribution Rate


Not sure which level to pay? Check out this info sheet! 

Learning Outcomes

During this course we will teach topics including: 

  • Preparing for and preventing rescue situations

  • Tying hitches, including friction hitches, releasable and non-releasable rope hitches, and their uses 

  • Taking over a top rope belay from the ground

  • Belaying and lowering a climber from the top of a pitch, using both tube-style (ATC) and mechanical assisted braking devices (Grigri, etc.) 

  • Multiple ways to assist a stuck climber from the top of a pitch

  • Multiple ways to ascend a rope without specific ascension equipment

  • Decision-making frameworks to apply rescue skills in unique, real-world situations


Many of these skills are applicable to multipitch climbing as well as single pitch climbing. If time allows, we may practice additional scenarios that combine these skills to achieve rescues in multipitch environments.

Dates and Locations

Joshua Tree, CA 

  • February 24


  • Knows how to tie into the rope for climbing

  • Can independently perform safety checks before climbing

  • Capable of comfortably climbing 5.8 while on a top rope

  • Proficient top rope belayer with tube style (ATC) or assisted braking (GriGri) devices

  • Outdoor anchor building experience and leading experience are recommended, but not required

Questions, comments or concerns? 


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